Save the world, save Mankind



A leading scientist just broke down in tears during an interview on carbon pollution, describing a dark future where the oceans are ruined. Whether her nightmare comes true depends on us.

The biggest climate summit of the decade is just four months away, and our leaders could agree to a revolutionary target to get the world off fossil fuels. It would be a guiding star to navigate away from climate catastrophe, signalling to politicians, boardrooms and stock-markets everywhere that the era of dirty energy is over. Winning won’t be easy — but if we make leaders feel the power of this movement then we can win.

Last year our community helped create the biggest climate mobilisation in history at the People’s Climate March. Now, on November 29th — hours before leaders arrive at the Paris climate summit — it’s time to go even bigger! Click to say “I’m in” for this year’s People’s Climate March and you’ll be the first to find out what’s happening in your local area.

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