Rädda internets jämlikhet

Det finns nu ett överhängande hot om att rika sajter ska kunna köpa större bandbredd åt sina sajter i USA och EU. Det innebär att små, oberoende sajter kan bli betydligt långsammare att besöka.


Together, we have bui lt on that vision, using the web to fight corruption, save lives, and bring people-powered aid to countries around the world in crisis. But the US and the EU are on the verge of giving the richest corporations and people the right to show content at the best speeds, faster access to pages and a chance to sell us web content like it’s cable TV. Even Avaaz’ ability to show the world citizen journalist footage from Syria, run campaigns to save our planet and communicate with all of us is under threat!

But tech innovators, free speech advocates and the best web companies are fighting back, and if join them now we can stop this Internet apocalypse. Click below to build the largest call for a democratic and free Internet ever:


Until now, all improvements in the functioning of the Internet benefited everyone — if Rupert Murdoch ’s ultra-conservative Fox News got a faster way to stream videos, it also benefitted independent media on the ground in the Ukraine, Syria, and Palestine. Politicians called this “Net Neutrality”, and rules protecting it used to exist in the United States until a court just struck them down. Now, the EU Parliament is threatening to pass a regulation that would give Internet providers the right to make some sites easier for us to access than others. These changes will make it the free internet for the 1% and will destroy crucial innovation from small start ups.

In the EU, members of a European parliamentary committee will decide in days if they pass this regulation to the plenary. Some of them support our call. If thousands of us tell all committee members that their vote now will determine our votes in the upcoming election — we could stop the bill there.

In the US, the regulators could fix the problem now, but they’re watching which way the political wi nds are blowing and are very afraid of the power of the telecom companies to oppose them. So, if we make protecting a free Internet an issue that will decide our votes in the election, and massively back candidates for Congress speaking out on our side, we can get the regulator to do the right thing.

It’s as simple as this: the future of the web is being decided right now in the US and EU, and that affects us all! Campaigners are fighting back in both places, but Avaaz is the best placed global movement to take both on and demand our free Internet is protected. Sign now and tell everyone — let’s win:



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